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If she did know that a stake wouldn’t kill, why bother when the chains were working? Basically lecroix was using your character to gain what he believed was ultimate power, this would have made him unstoppable, now you have nines and Jack who already believe the Prince is to powerful and needs to be stopped. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. If it is I would consider putting it in CE, sounds like a fun idea, as long as it doesn’t get annoying constantly hearing “voices”. Is this something I should consider adding to CE? The white bishop could be Nines or the werewolf cant remember his name but he is a white wolf after all My theories of course.

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Supposing she did use one and realised that they only paralysed Kindred, why not remove it after killing Grout some other way? Insiht, she can also alter her appearance to be whoever she pleases given the power of Flesh Shintairanging from Nines Rodriguez to a hideous tentacled demon.

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Can instead I say that Malkav saw the will and plan of God which I use because I find that Abrahametic mythology works much better with vampires than pretty much any other mythology and that gav him insight and broke his mind. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


If Grout is alive, the prophetic messages could then be explained as his Malkavian insight at play. This is proven by his stats found within the game code listing him as such. Most people say Jack or cabbie Cain; personally, I don’t like the Jack suggestion. I think it might have been a Malkavian “insight” thing. I’m not entirely sure if everything has been documented to-date but either way a compilation would be great.

So it’s playful speculation more than anything. If you need any help to understand something in french, don’t hesitate. The voices aren’t constant.

And further, on the mention of Malkavians, I reject aspects of the clan such as pranks and fishmalks. Also, I believe Malk’s get a special dialog option when they meet the Southland Slasher in the surfside diner for the first time, implying they know something about him.

The cost The cost of an attack is often malkavixn later. I bet you get all over the place don’t ya? I maxed out all the disciplines.

Want to add to the discussion? That was incredibly fun.

Mails from a friend : vtmb

There are two times the cab driver tells you malkavan, wherever we go, it is the blood of Caine, which makes our fate. The rest of the Anarchs are hotheaded. The white bishop The white bishop falls. Mails from a friend self.


Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. If thats true, then no CE 1. Ming will also act as an information giver for other Chinatown side quests.

I never knew VV wrote such cringeworthy poetry if you’re nice to her hahahaha, or maybe she writes it only to Toreador characters or maybe i used seduction on her, i can’t remember. In czb end, the ‘friend’ is whoever you end up thinking fits best.

IMO malkavian insight is also shown in dialogue lines that are particular to them, some of which allow them to be privy to knowledge to which no other clan has access case in point, it stuck in my mind, insight into VVs life previous to being embraced, her name was susan.

So there is a very subtle push ineight Jack from time to time througout the story to have you remove the Prince. I’d say his wife’s something like Dr. This is supported by several lines of dialog: Don’t have an account? Vepar View Profile View Posts. Sign up for free!